What We Treat

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What conditions can we treat via virtual care?

Often we hear what can you treat from our patients, Call Now Doctors virtual care can be extremely effective for non-emergency medical care and can be used as primary care to post-surgical follow-up. We Treat Sinus Infections, Bronchitis, Urinary tract infections, Pink eye, Allergies as well as:

Cold or Cough

Most colds don’t require a trip to the doctor’s office. They are viral and unless there are serious issues going on, there is no reason for a patient to come to an office and potentially infect others. Use virtual care when you have mild symptoms like a cough or runny nose to avoid spreading germs. Providers will ask some basic screening questions to determine if you have a more severe condition, like influenza or pneumonia, or to rule out environmental stressors like allergens.

High Blood Pressure

Call Now Doctor’s virtual care has the ability to treat patients who face blood pressure challenges. It’s more convenient than regular visits for your chronic high blood pressure or medication refills. A nurse or provider can occasionally monitor the use and functionality of the cuff in your virtual visit, check the technique, and discuss symptoms. Keeping blood pressure normal is hard work why add on the additional stress of traveling to an office, parking and traveling home for a quick blood pressure check or follow-up?

Sore Throat

Virtual Care visits with Call Now Doctor’s for parents and patients who may not have time to get themselves, or your children, into the office on short notice. Our providers can help from possibly infecting others and hopefully save you a trip to the ER. Providers can rule out more serious conditions and, if necessary, send you for lab testing if required.

Gastrointestinal Issues such as Bloating, Gas or Nausea

A consult with our providers via telemedicine can root out the cause of the distress — anything from dietary issues, stress, symptoms of other problems, or even a side effect of a new prescription. Whatever the case, our team can treat successfully through the virtual care platform.

Skin Conditions such as Rash or Shingles

With the incorporation of HD two-way video in a virtual care platform, our providers can see dermatological conditions in such detail they can identify the issues just as if you were sitting in their office, and prescribe the proper medication and send it to your pharmacy of choice. This is also a great benefit if you live in a remote area. Identifying simple rashes to more complex issues like Shingles can all be done on our platform. A convenience you will be thankful for amid your discomfort.

Post-Surgical Follow Up

Using virtual care at Call Now Doctors for surgical follow-ups saves time, promotes healing at home, and decreases your potential injury risk. Don’t be interrupted from resting or inconvenienced with tricky transport needs. In your virtual visit, your progress is easily assessed and their lab results are easily uploaded if required. Studies have shown that using virtual care reduces hospital readmission.

Prescription Refills

Call Now Doctor’s has one of the most convenient ways to refill a prescription with virtual care, schedule a virtual care new patient or follow-up appointment today. (some restrictions based on Florida Laws).